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Managing Director

New Year

Mr. Modi is 2nd generation of the dynasty. He believes in sound business governance. He is known as sensational business personality in the business arena. He is one of the most contributory director to set up the new dimensional Business Hub “Six Seasons Food & Beverages Ltd. This project is his brain child. Mr. Modi’s strong leadership, Management capability & business foresightness has make the project in operation only within 08 months of its Earth-breaking.


New Year

Mr. Shahed Masud is known as one of the most promising new generation business personality of the country. It has been come true to set up an International standard business hub “Six Seasons Food & Beverages Ltd.” due to Mr. Shahed’s business foresightness, dynamic leadership, analytical ability & enterprising quality. Sales & Marketing and Financial analysis of the project of Six Seasons has been formulated by Mr. ShahedMasud.